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Morning Glory Artist Receives IBMA Award

2019 marked a fantastic year filled with chart topping hits from Alan Bibey’s first all Gospel release with Grasstowne, “Gonna Rise and Shine,” on Morning Glory Music, the new Gospel “sister” label to Mountain Fever Records. Bibey also took home his fifth win for the SPBGMA Mandolin Player of the Year in February, joined by two of his Grasstowne bandmates, Laura Orshaw for fiddle and Zak McLamb for bass. 

Winning the IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year award was a very unexpected surprise to add on top of the excitement 2020 has already produced. With the competition in the IBMA Best Gospel Song category winning that award was even sweeter. It seems like everyone in bluegrass, musicians, industry professionals and others in the category all agreed that Alan Bibey was a most deserving recipient of the award. More than a week later, the congratulations are still coming in and when we caught up with Alan on the road, he had this to say: 

“I want to say another huge THANK YOU to all The IBMA voting members for the Mandolin Player Of The Year award. I never dreamed I would win but I have always dreamed of being the best mandolin player I can be and I’ll continue this passion with even more fervor than ever and do my best to make you all proud of your decision. It means more to me than words can express!” 

Congratulation Alan and your Grasstowne pals. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and the lives your music has touched.